Why Do Teenagers Waste Their Lives?

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Death among teenagers has increased in Japan recently. After investigating about the issue, it was found that suicide was and still the foremost leading cause of death among this age group. Researchers have found that this issue is not recent, but its roots were found in the past due to the religion and history. According to Mariko Qi in her article, “Tackling the deadliest day for Japanese teenagers,” suicide has been looked at as a pride and honor. Losing the future builders will lead to negative consequences that will impact the country in the first place. So, doesn’t it worth to be looked at? Each year, hundreds if not thousands of teenagers die by their own hand and other people are left to wonder if there was really something that could have been done to save their lives. Why do teenagers waste their lives? There is no perfect answer to this question. Teenagers are the same as adults, they feel depression and conflicting feelings, which can leave them to feel as if there is no way out. How can teenagers’ lives be saved? Understanding the history of the issue is the base stone to solve it. Researches suggest that teenagers are attempting suicide because they are lacking hope and the…show more content…
Students spend a lot of time under teachers’ supervision. Hence, teachers will be able to identify teenagers who are anxious and depressed. But we must remember that friends are even closer to the teenagers and by getting them involved in different activities that are supported by the government, they will contribute to take away the negative thinking of suicidal teens. Moreover, the warning signs should be taken seriously even if the teenager is jokingly talking about suicide. It is prominent to keep communication open with teenagers to let them express any concern or peoblem they

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