Teen Suicide Essay

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A problem today that should be addressed is suicide among teens and young adults. Several lives are taken every year due to several unknown and known factors. Terribly shameful knowing all the help and hope that’s out there for victims, while on the other hand none of the victims may have ever even known a proper way to seek help (Miller). Risk factors leading up to suicide (also the known factors) include but not limited to: mental illness, childhood issues, isolation and loneliness, bullying and broader issues such as loss and personal pain (Bower). Not only should suicide be looked at as a big deal it should be looked at for what it truly is; “the third leading cause of death for ages 15-24 (Bower).” The problem does not stop when no longer mentioned, that only leaves room for more problems to occur. Not everyone with suicidal thoughts is willing to seek help, making the problem too common, something our society must deal with more and more today (Teen). Suicide is an important issue that should not be overlooked or merely talked…show more content…
This is highly unfathomable, but the issue comes when all those lives lost were not informed or may not have known ways for seeking help. On the scale of those who do versus those who attempt, the numbers are drastically higher. “[There have been up to] 5,400 suicide attempts made daily by teens in the US,” thinking about this statistic is quite concerning because the numbers are no longer surprising. (Teen). Numbers this high should be alarming, but because mental health and other risk factors are so common all alarming senses are gone. How can an epidemic end when something so alarming no longer shocking? While it may make, people ponder things that should take play, how can they if not informed? Suicides will never end unless those dealing with suicidal thoughts and those around know how to recognize risk factors and are educated on the

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