Ted Bundy And The Serial Killer For The 20th Century

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Ted Bundy was wanted for multiple counts of murder, kidnappings, and escaping police custody. Bundy was placed on The FBI’s most wanted list. “He was also a cannibal, necrophiliac, charismatic sociopath and the man whose name came to define the term ‘serial killer’ for the 20th century” (Blanco). Ted was a very smart person that took the wrong path of life. Theodore Robert Cowell was born on November 24, 1926. “Bundy was born at the Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vermont, to Eleanor Louise Cowell” (Blanco). Bundy and his mother lived in Philadelphia for the first few years of his life. Louise was a twenty-two-year-old unwedded mother. While in Philadelphia his maternal grandparents, Samuel and Eleanor Cowell, raised him as their own son to avoid humiliation since Louise was not married. Samuel and Eleanor were very religious. Ted stated “ ‘I think that you could say that the influence of the person's family history was positive. But not positive enough -- not enduring, perhaps not strong enough to overcome the urges or compulsions that resulted ... in this instance, the influence of the family and the environment in which this person grew up were positive, but not so positive as to prepare this individual ... ‘ “ Ted also stated that “ ‘You take the individual we are talking about ... and then you subject him to stress. Stress happens to come randomly, but its effect on the personality is not random; it's specific. That results in a certain amount of chaos, confusion, and frustration. That person begins to seek out a target for his frustrations. The…show more content…
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