The Ultimate Criminal Master Mind: Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy, was a brilliant man and a master of manipulation. Ted Bundy was the ultimate criminal master mind, but he was extremely egotistic, and he let it get the best of him in the end. Bundy was born november 24th, 1946 in Vermont to his unwed mother Eleanor Louise Cowell, and was raised to believe his grandparents,Samuel and Eleanor Cowell, were his parents. Bundy blamed not his life at home for his killings, for he deemed his life at home to be “normal”, and instead blamed pornography to be the root of his killings (

Louise Cowell, gave birth to Ted at 22 years old and she was not married. Having a child before marriage was extremely frowned upon in the time period in which she gave birth. “To save her from the scrutiny and critization from people in town, her parents told people that they had adopted Ted, and raised him to believe that they were his biological parents and his mother was his sister” ( In 1947, Ted discovered the truth about his biological parents ( Ted Bundy was actually born “Theodore Robert Cowell”. His mother married Johnnie Culpepper Bundy, a military cook, and Ted assumed his step fathers last name. ( Ted Bundy’s step-father made many attempts to bond with him, but Ted preferred to spend his time alone. Ted grew more and more accustomed to spending time alone, and became socially awkward, which also caused his peers in middle school to make fun of him (

Throughout all of his school years, Ted managed to consistently stay on top of his school work, and in high school he found a great interest in politics. In the year of 1967, Ted, was in college and began a relationship with Stephanie Brooks, and over a many ski...

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