Technology's Impact On Society During The 19th Century

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Donald Wilms 30 July 2014 World Civ Final Technology and World History The nineteenth century was a time of great change. It was also a period of great adventure. Advances in science and technology created much of this change and had widespread effects on society. In our generation, we have become use to rapid development of new products and have become addicted to the speed of change. We eat fast food,we have instant access to information and communication through the internet.In order to understand impact of technology on society, we have to first understand how truly remarkable the changes of this period were. Back then many of the techniques of manufacturing were based upon tradition and craftsmanship. Most skills…show more content…
With the development of new metal working techniques, steam power become prevelent. Railroads appeared and triggered the mass migration of entire populations. Cities sprang up where they would never have before. Fortunes were made and a new class of rich appeared. Advances in science included the further refinement of electricity, which had been curiosity before. The telegraph, electric lights, and radio followed. Each of these inventions changed the world. Production techniques also changed the outcome of war. Instead of guns being made one at a time they were now mass produced with parts that can be interchanged. They became plentiful and cheaper. They were more reliable and could function in heavy rain unlike flintlocks. They could be fired and reloaded faster. War became far more deadly. During this same period Photography was developed and was used to capture the new horror of war for the general people for the first time. Construction projects began on scales that would have been impossible before.Engineering became a science and construction standards that had been debated for centuries finally became accepted and continue today. In the end of the century, experiments in flight laid the groundwork for advances in transportation. The science of aviation was
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