How Did The Industrial Revolution Influence The Development Of Western Civilization

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Where would Western civilization be without the “long” 19th century and the unconstrained and continuous progress it made on peoples lives? The industrial revolution was key for major inventions that would help boom the economy. The steam power’s advantage was its efficiency for mass production and the only need resources were water and heat. Labor laws were very poor when the industry world was coming up in the world. There was constant battle between the company owners and the working class for better working conditions. While working conditions improved so did the working class voice. Before the working class was looked down upon, but as the went on strike, people realized how much input they had on the economy if they did not work. Lastly, government reform was constantly changing during the 19th century. People were finally expressing their opinions about the government …show more content…

People were adapted to the use of money; and land, labor, and capital were all sources of revenue. Soon there was no need for master craftsmen or apprentices to create one product extremely well. There was new machinery that could a job of one person faster. For example, the spinning jenny would take wool and spin it into thread at a faster rate. Communication was becoming easier with railroads, canals, and the telegraph. More people are migrating to bigger cities to have a better chance of finding a job. Every aspect of life was bouncing off of each other, with the growth of transportation led to the growth of food production, population, urban living, communication, and industrial agriculture. Utilitarianism was coming into play to maximize pleasure for all people. All of these aspects during the industrial movement helped progress Western civilization life. Progress thrived the 19th century and the industrial revolution helped further along the

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