First Big Changes In Culture And Commerce Essay

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I. The First Big Changes: Culture and Commerce A. The Italian Renaissance 1. The Renaissance moves Northward- Renaissance faded in Italy and moved north. Which began the Northern Renaissance. 2. Changes in technology and family- New technology was introduced and family structure started to change. a. Northern humanists were more religious, they tried to mix secular with Christian devotion. This also caused political change. Yet it was not that impactful. The poor were barely affected, the economic life stayed mostly the same. b. Due to new contacts in trading they improved pulleys, pumps in mines. As well as the introduction of printing. As for the families it changed to European style families. People got married later which emphasized the importance of the relationship. Along with most people not being able to …show more content…

Enlightenment Thought and popular culture 1. Ongoing Change in commerce and manufacturing- This was a time of changes in popular cultural and intellectual life. 2. Innovation and instability- Various changes occurring during this time came together in the Western civilization. a. Westerners started to buy processed foods, there was an increase in paid professional entertainment. Agriculture also started to change. They left behind the Middle Age way of farming and they were now draining swamps to add more land, along with spreading the potato. Now enlightened leaders were promoting the potato. This helped increased manufacturing and capitalism began to spread. This was the start of the Industrial Revolution. These changes helped the population and changed their way of life. b. They started to have stronger governments who supported agricultural changes. This helped the population to grow. The changes in popular beliefs were replaced with economic structures. Such as changes in the family and roles of the children. Now children had less restraint from adults and were shown worth as an individual, they had parental love, and careful

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  • Explains that the renaissance moved northward in italy, which began the northern renaissance.
  • Explains that new technology was introduced and family structure started to change.
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