Technology Reflection Essay

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INTRODUCTION In the past eight weeks of Ms Annoushka Ishmael Learning with Technology class, I had the opportunity reflect and analyse the events that has shaped my life as a Technician. This was a unique experience where I was able to look back at my journey of all my Technology experiences. I was able to objectively revisit what I have done before and learnt new techniques. I reflect on many good and bad experiences with more comfort and confidence. For the first time, there was clarity and I became aware of my learning style which is a visual and hands-on learner. I believe technology integration in the classroom is when students use technology daily, have access to a variety of tools and can make understanding of content. Technology is…show more content…
This course has taught me different techniques that I can use to create effective lesson plans for students. I have learned how to engage students more from the table “Technology Solutions with potential for High Advantage” (Doering, A. H., & Roblyer, M. D., 2017, p56.) such graphic tools, simulations, video-based problem scenarios and tool software. These tools that I have learn will become useful in helping my teaching skills in the classroom. Using the knowledge of technology integration, I can help students and my classmates to analyse, learn, explore and think critically and also to be creative, innovative in this digital age. As I continue to reflect on this course, I realize that the use of interactive educational activities such as group work can promote critical thinking and creativity. I have proven this to be true, based on the group presentation I am working on. This course has helped me as I work with my colleagues where we collaborate to make decisions for our group presentation using PowerPoint and audio recording. Technology has become a channel for educational growth and I am happy to be a part of this…show more content…
Each student should be able to have access to technology in school even if there is one computer in the school, it can be used as a tool. The computer could be used for YouTube videos or scaffolding/remediation purposes. The teacher can assign group Internet research assignments instead of individual ones so every student can experience the computer. A projector in a classroom can be used so students can watch the teacher teach from Power Point presentations and educational videos. Using technology in the classroom can also increase parent involvement and encourages communication. The teacher could develop a class web site where students and parents could go to read postings or updates, discussions, ask questions, and find homework assignments. Students can also use computer technology to extend their learning beyond the classroom by connecting with their community, family aboard, other schools, friends and sites from around the globe. Before students can utilize the computers in a school, they should review computer lab rules which include correct lab
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