Social Media And Negative Study

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According to a new study from the Pew Research Center over 92% of teens report going online daily, including 24% who say they go online almost constantly. ("Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015."). The use of social media is playing a big role in today’s society. Social media in some cases affects the children and adolescents psychologically, physically and socially. Social Media has always been a great tool for advertising, entertainment, education and communication between family and friends, but although social media has these benefits, for the past years its negative role has been affecting children and adolescents. As the years are passing by the development of technology is increasing, the use of social media is becoming more addictive to children and adolescents. Children and adolescents are often affected psychologically by social media. Some of the …show more content…

Children and adolescents who have anxiety, depression and low self-esteem are more likely to be unwilling to attend school and to withdraw from family and friends. The educational life of these children and adolescents will also be affected by social media. The adolescents are most likely to drop out of high school or out of college. Most of the children and adolescent are going through all of this alone, because they are withdrawing from their family and friends. They are slowly developing a fear of being rejected. The fact that these children and adolescents are going through different series of events makes it harder for them to communicate with others. All of these effects caused by social media are making children and adolescents believed they don’t fit into society. These effects can also lead a person to commit suicide, because their brain has all of these thoughts going through and children and adolescents are trying to find a way to not lose their

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