Personal Statement Of Educational Goals And Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy

The most important impact I want to have on students is that they remember me as a teacher who cares about their education. I want to leave an impact on each child’s life. My motivation to teach comes from a desire to help others and see student’s excitements as they learn new concepts. I believe teaching is my way to make a positive difference for each of my students.

My approach to teaching is based on the belief that my purpose at any school is to serve the students. I will focus on the long-term best interests of each student. Serving students begins with respecting them as an individual who can make worthwhile contributions to my learning and others’ learning. This type of respect also leads to taking a personal interest in my students so they know that I value them. Serving students goes beyond …show more content…

That getting the students to think that this is the main facet of education that is limitless, and my goal as a teacher is to teaching my students the material they need to know in order to progress further in the future. The theory I base this philosophy on is the relationship between the student and critical thinking involved. According to Piaget and Vygotsky, the cognitive approach relies on how the student thinks about their own achievement. That writing and thinking have an integral relation between the two. I believe they are wholly connected and interrelated that is impossible to separate the two. On my way as a beginner teacher, I recognize I have a lot of researching to do myself. In fact, I hope to be a lifelong learner in how to be a better teacher. I have begun this process my finishing up my last two years as an Early Education major at Concord College. I will also participate in future workshops and volunteer groups. I have already participated in the read aloud program in Education

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