Tale Of The Cave Creative Writing

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Creative writing A shrill cry echoed in the mist. I ducked, looking for a sign of movement. The heavy fog and cold storm provided nothing but a blanket, smothering all sight and creating a humid atmosphere. The freezing air continued to whip at my face, relentless and powerful. Our boat, stuck in the boggy water. Again a cry called. Somewhere out there was someone, or something. It was the third day of the winter holidays when Anmol called us up to the jetty, it wasn’t normal to be out on the water at this time of year. The screeching winds tore over the horizon and collided with the small yachts tied in an uneven pattern all around us. The constant noise of clattering was annoying but quite memorising and the salt was already starting to …show more content…

I reached for the knife, my fingers met the plastic case. “Dang it” I cursed. I must of dropped the knife when I tripped. I was thinking about going to look for it but my hopes were crushed when I heard something coming into the mouth of the cave. I dropped to the ground and started to snake my way behind a boulder. I armed the flare gun and took aim at what was to come around the corner. I heard a rock tumble and roll on the ground. I heard a something being dragged along the dirt. I glared at the figure, the little moonlight giving me some sight. I heard Anmol screaming. HELP, SOMEONE HELP” I watched in terror as a slumped figure rounded the corner, I could not see its face. It was black and deformed in a disgusting way. I saw it take Anmol to a corner, I heard Anmol scream one last time. A shrill, spine tingling scream. I heard something cracking and tearing. Like a green branch snapping over your knee. I was pretty sure that this thing, had just killed Anmol. Just before I was about to run, something was in my peripheral vision. Something that didn’t suit the colour way of the cave. I looked, at first I was surprised that there was a hat in here. I continued to look at it, gazing. Something about it was strange, like I’ve seen it before. A yellow sun hat with a sunflower brooch? Then it came to me, it was the mother brooch the one that went missing. I snapped out of thinking and decided it was my only chance to run. My feet meet the ground, I sprung out and went beyond my top capabilities of sprinting. I knew the thing was after me when I heard It screech. I turned around, aimed the gun behind me and pulled the trigger. For once the cave was lit up, I briefly saw everything. Anmol limp body, a pile of bones and the killer monster that chased me. It screeched at the flares brightness and dove into the shadows. I loaded another flare. I looked up, I was going to shoot the bastard again. I law its shadow and shot, it

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