The Allegory Of The Cave Essay

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Understanding Plato’s Interpretation of the Process of Enlightenment and/or Learning
In the translation of the dialogue from the Allegory of the Cave, readers are introduced to ideas that help them discover information about the process of enlightenment. After readers’ read the Allegory of the Cave, the readers understand Plato’s philosophical assumptions. From the dialogue, Plato confirms the idea that humans establish their own understanding of the world based on their principle senses. Plato catalogs a significant perception of how humans are able to process new ideas of enlightenment or education.
To evoke his perceptions of how people understand the worlds, Plato applies his dialogue of the Allegory. Plato approaches this understanding from his use of imagery in the dialogue. Plato uses the dialogue with Socrates and Glaucon to create his story. As he utilizes Socrates as his main speaker, Plato increases the visual image he creates, and he increases the ability to state his ideas as a story.
Plato asserts his ideas by using Socrates to tell a story about a cave where there a...

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