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Plato was one of the earliest philosophers who present a complete analysis of philosophies. The allegory of the cave is about the Platonic ideal of education. It has been recognized, understood, and transformed throughout the entire course of the history of philosophy. In the “Allegory of the Cave,” Plato explains Philosophy as a middle stage of ignorance. In addition, Plato emphasizes the Philosophy through intelligence and accomplishments of wise mind, and precisely it means love of wisdom. In terms of this, wisdom is the exercise of intelligence, manipulation of knowledge in different technique in everyday life and that is actually Plato talked about in the western philosophy. “Allegory of the Cave” and “The Symposium,” the author focuses on the importance of the knowledge and education, and its want of it on human nature along with pursuing knowledge with passion and the beauty of love. First of all, in the ancient philosophy, most of the philosophers have examined to identify their critical thinking through some thoughts and incidents. In the textbook “The Allegory of the Cave” Plato illustrates that how human beings perceive and conceive the reality in darkness, and which he implies as an imperfection of thinking and lack of training or education. In addition, the writer has described his thinking through his imagination, and creating portrait such prisoners in the cave who are chained up and asked to figure out what was the reality of creating fire image on the wall behind the prisoners. Although prisoners could not answer exactly what was happened or what was going on behind them because of brightness of light. Likewise, this is because of not being familiar with what a group of people were created the image and it was an... ... middle of paper ... ...ut the reality of life, Different people have different philosophy in their daily lives. In conclusion, Plato was a philosopher in a totally different sense. For him, philosophy understood into the whole of truth, the study of reality in all its aspects; he was unaware of any barriers between this or that field of analysis such as we erect today. In reading the dialogues of Plato, we find complex discussions of ultimate principles joined to detailed descriptions of the parts of the human body. Philosophy makes people aware of thinking and it helps to clarify their minds and thinking, and which is more important to spend a peaceful life in the universe. In “Allegory of the Cave” and “The Symposium” Plato demonstrated Philosophy of love and love of wisdom exactly. I strongly agree with Plato’s Philosophy that he came up with great description and good philosophies.

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