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Morocco’s biggest marketing strength is their website. This web interface is very interactive with the potential tourist by using a tool called “My Ideal Trip”. This application finds a Morocco experience that is tailored towards your personal preferences. My ideal Trip walks you through step by step what you prefer doing on a vacation, so it can hone in on a variety of options within your particular vocational preferences. They probe you with questions to find out a variety of things about the potential tourist. This application first finds out what country you in, and then it discovers the reason for your potential visit to Morocco. This enables them to not only understand the location people are coming from, but also allows them to find out what type of tourist they are. This gives them the ability to better market their location to those tourists. For example, they give you statements that best fit what you are looking to get out of the vocational experience, such as “I want to relax, I love doing nothing”, “I want to make the most of my carefully planned stay”, as well as “I need a good hotel in order to fully enjoy my stay”. This sets the tone to which options they give the potential tourist. They continue to pepper in questions that allows them to understand what you want to get out of the experience, and ultimately lays out some different vocational options that are geared toward their preferences.

Not only is the website successful due to this tool, but it has an array of other features that solidifies this website. For example, on the top of the site there are scrolling pictures that illustrate highlights for Moroccan travel. They have a picture with a link to a CNN article for the top travel destinations ...

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...that hasn’t been is the cultural food. Morocco cuisine isn’t of the ‘norm’ when you go to other tourist destinations. With the food only being found in this region, it is not commoditized like Italian, Mexican and Chinese foods have been in the United States and around the world. Though experiences and services can be easily duplicated, Morocco does offer a wide variety of experiences any visitor can expect. With so many different types of experiences and services Morocco offers, there is bound to be positive and negative impacts as a result.
Morocco is a tourist destination with much promise. When considering the future prospects of Morocco as a destination it is important to consider not only the positive impacts of tourism but also the negative impacts. These impacts can be broken down into the three categories: Economic, socio-cultural, and environmental.
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