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Contents Executive Summary 4 Current Market Situation 5 Introduction 5 Target Market 6 Demographics 6 Demographic wants: 6 Product Review 7 Prices 8 Competitive Review 9 Channels and Logistics Review 10 Objectives and Issues 11 First-Year Objectives 11 Second-Year Objectives 11 Issues 12 Cementing Eat to Feed as a leading brand 12 Looking to the Future 12 SWOT Analysis 13 Graphic Representation of SWOT Analysis 14 Summary of SWOT Analysis 14 Mission Statement 15 Market Strategy 15 Positioning 16 Product Strategy 16 Pricing Strategy 17 Distribution Strategy 17 Marketing Communication Strategy 17 Social Media 18 Buzz Marketing 18 Word of Mouth 18 Marketing Research 19 Action Programs 19 November 19 December 20 January 20 Budgets 20 Fixed Costs 20 Variable Costs 21 Controls 22 Executive Summary This marketing plan serves as a means to raise capital for establishing Eat to Feed, a café/pub located in Hamra, the heart of Beirut. The investment amount we need sums up to $350,000. We will require $200,000 in fixed costs for the first year, $70,000 for advertising, and finally, $80,000 for the general accomplishment of the marketing plan. The concept behind Eat to Feed has been known as Suspended Coffee and has been in existence for more than a century now. This concept is essentially a way of giving back to society in a direct, trustworthy manner. A person comes into Eat to Feed and in addition to buying his/her own food, they can buy an extra meal-or portion of a meal-for another, less-fortunate person to pick up. We plan on focusing our marketing efforts on all modern outlets such as social media and the internet in order to give Eat to Feed, and the message behind it, maximum exposure in the least costly method.... ... middle of paper ... ...ribution Burgers 5 $1.5 0.7 9000 19% 0.133 Pasta $9 $2 0.78 4500 9% 0.0702 Sandwiches $7 $2 0.72 8000 19% 0.1368 Beverages $3 $1 0.6 11000 24% 0.144 Pizza $12 $3 0.75 4000 9% 0.0675 Salad $6 $1.5 0.75 4500 9% 0.0675 Dessert $5 $1 0.8 5000 11% 0.088 Breakeven point in $ : F/(∑W) :$185000/0.707 :$261,670 Eat to Feed will breakeven at $261,670 in annual sales. Controls Quality control will be a priority for us at Eat to Feed. We will ensure that all members of our supply chain adhere to the strictest standards of quality and freshness. In addition, we vow to always keep our mission as a restaurant that wants to give back to society in a direct, obvious, fashion. Enforcing quality control along with us not losing sight of our original mission will surely increase our customers’ equity and loyalty, ensuring long-run sustainability and profit.

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  • Describes the key objectives and issues of cementing eat to feed as a leading brand.
  • Explains that the marketing plan serves as a means to raise capital for establishing eat to feed, which is located in hamra, the heart of beirut.
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