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    Our group, upon much deliberation, decided to conduct our research on the Target Corporation. This decision was based partially on the interesting class presentation done by one of its Wisconsin store managers, and also a genuine interest in the company. We have all been to a Target store or one very similar in our lives. A great number of Americans shop there on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, purchasing anything from a loaf of bread to a flat screen television. The broadness of its product and

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    Company Profile and History Target Corporation is an upscale discounter providing high quality, on-trend merchandise at attractive prices in a clean, spacious and guest friendly store. Target Corporation also operates their online business at . According to the company' history report Target began as Marshall Field & Co in 1881 then in 1902 George Dayton opened a Goodfellows in downtown Minneapolis. One year later they founded their first Dry Goods Store and in 1911 they became known

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    believed that Minneapolis offered opportunities. He decided to purchase land on Nicollet Avenue and forms the Dayton Dry Goods Company, which is now known as Target Corporation. Targets provides a variety of products, for example grocery, medical supplies, electronics, patio, clothing, outdoors activities, books. The type of service that Target provides is customer service. They have a cashier that handles the cashiers transaction in order to prevent customer dissatisfaction. An employee will be on

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    Target Corporation, the company like any other large retail company for example, Wal-mart offers an assortment of its general stock and sustenance through its store and advanced diverts in the United States to their clients at a rebate. It 's wide stock stores offers an assortment of food, including perishables, dairy, dry grocery and frozen items while its Super Target stores offer a line of sustenance items similar to customary grocery stores. Datamonitor, (2007). Target offers its services and

  • History Of Target

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    The first Target store opened in 1962 in the Minneapolis suburb of Roseville. This company grew and became the largest division of Dayton Hudson Corporation, leading the company being renamed as Target Corporation in August 2000. In early 2013, Target expanded into Canada and now operates in more than hundred locations through its Canadian subsidiaries. To be more precise, Target has 1,797 stores in the United States, 127 stores in Canada and 37 distribution centers in the United States. The company

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    Target Corporation with the famous bulls-eye logo is known as the second largest discount retailer in the US (behind Wal-mart). The company was founded in 1902 by George Dayton, as Dayton Dry Goods with the first store opened in Roseville, Minnesota. In 2000, it renamed to Target Corporation “to better reflect its core business” (Target Corporation, 2014) According to the main website, Target has stated its mission statement “is to make Target your preferred shopping destination in all channels by

  • History Of Target

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    Target is friendly, neighborhood store for many people. Because of this store’s long hours of operation, wade range of products and polite customer service it became my super store too. The first Target store was opened in 1962 in Minnesota (“History”). Since then, Target grew and became the second largest discount retailer in the United States, trailing only Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (“History”). Target has distinguished itself from its competitors by offering fashionable, modish products at affordable

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    executes. In relation to this case, Target Corporation depicts a brand personality among its target audience. Target Corp. is considered as the retail store that caters to the younger and more educated and well-off clientele as to compare with its rival. In a survey conducted, Target Corp. shoppers fall on a 46 years old age median, mostly female, have children at home, and attended or completed college (Target Corporate Facts, 2006). Thus, the target market is perceived to be sophisticated.

  • Market Research and Target Market

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    Market Research and Target Market I need to write an introduction explaining the type of business/ organisation my client has set up, the business problems they are facing and the business aims and objective. I shall hold a meeting with my client Discuss with client My client may not be willing to discuss the marketing plan. I will explain the objectives of the marketing campaign and how this will help the business achieve its aims. I will use the Internet and textbooks.

  • Marketing the Target Audience

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    Marketing the Target Audience It was another day shopping for clothes, nothing new, in fact I thought I was going to get something here and there, look else where and go home. As I was walking through a mall, I stumbled upon a store that I thought looked cool and casual. I thought to myself anything that was interesting enough to catch my eyes, had to be investigated thoroughly. As soon, as I walked in I new that I could easily begin to shop at the store for certain things I needed. Buckle