Swot Analysis Of Amul Company

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Generally, an internship consists of an exchange of facility for knowledge among the student and a company. Student can also use an internship to govern if they have a concern in a particular profession, make a net of contacts. An internship is a method of on –job training I have undertaken in evaluation of customer satisfaction towards Amul pro at GCMMF in Bangalore. This study is oriented towards the product of the Amul Company. Today every organization strives hard to gain and retain their customer at any cost, in order to achieve this it is necessary for the organization to study the satisfaction level of their product from customer and meet their expectations and preferences. The study focuses on
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FMCG goods are those that get substituted within a year. Samples of FMCG usually include a wide variety of repeatedly purchased consumer products such as toothpastes, detergent, cosmetics, tooth washing products, shaving products and detergents, as well as other non-durables and malleable goods. This sector may also contain medicines, consumer electronics, packed food products, soft drinks, healthy drinks, tissue paper, and chocolate bars.

SWOT analysis of FMCG sector

Well-established supply channel spreading to rural areas. FMCG sector has a strong brands.
The main strength of FMCG sector is Low cost operations

Low export levels in this sector.
Small-scale segment reservations limit ability to devote in technology and achieve economies of scale.
Numerous "me-too’’ goods.

Huge domestic market for FMCG products.
Export possible. The FMCG products have more export opportunity.
Increasing income levels will result in faster profits growth.

FMCG sector has a threat of imports.
Tax and regulatory system of the country.
Go-slow in rural demand.

About the Amul Company
The Company existed by producing the milk.
The Company has been established in the year 1946.
The Company came into presence before the freedom of our
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