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PEST Analysis Political We are wanting to bring the brand ‘OnePlus’ is a company from Middle East. We will importing their products so that we can then resell them to business. Since we live in North America there are tariffs and other political laws that we would have to go through. The first step that we would have to obtain a Business Number that is issued by the Canada Revenue Agency for an import account. This account is not an expense as it is free of charge and we can obtain it within a matter of minutes. We have to call CRA’s Business Window at 1-800-959-5525, or visit CRA’s Business Registration Online website. After looking at the Memoranda Series D9, Prohibited Importations and Memoranda Series D19, Acts and Regulations of Other …show more content…

Advertising is such a big part of companies getting their products into the market. There are fourteen clauses that every company has to ad bid to. They have to be accurate and clear about the message, advertising techniques have to be disguised, price claims, bait and switch, guarantees, comparative advertising, testimonials, professional or scientific claims, imitation, safety, superstition and fears, advertising to children and minor, unacceptable depictions and portrayals. These are here to make companies feel safe and have guidelines to have a commercial or ad be out in the …show more content…

Despite the fact that Canada does not have a Free Trade Agreement with India, the trend of Canada have more imports is increase from all of the ones that they have ongoing. Shipping is an expense that will help us reach our target market. With Canada making it easier for businesses and investors to get money. Tax package is another trend that they are it will allow OnePlus to into the market as it allow for a competition. The Canadian dollar could be a factor in bring our company into Ontario. With the Canadian dollar it means more for our buck. Inflation rate will affect OnePlus doing well in the market as it is at a low rate of 1%. Unemployment rate is at 0% and with the economy hopefully headed out of the recession bring OnePlus into Ontario will allow the unemployment rate to go into the negativities giving anyone looking for a job or career to get one with OnePlus. The ethnic and minority will be able a major factor in getting our brand name out there. With the advances of technology and the work that it is affecting online companies gives OnePlus a great chance to get a strong online customer bases. So many people are on the go and doing it on their phones. OnePlus has the technology that is what every one likes the busy and on the go generation that we are

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