The Use of Unethical Advertising in Business

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Businesses are in game in order to earn money and advertising is the strongest weapon that helps to sell a particular product . An advertisement can be harmful and misleading as well as helpful and beneficial . Advertising in ethics is an unclear concept , but truly the main goals of corporations should be avoid misleading their customers by setting up wrong expectations and to keep their current clients .The major problem with advertising is that most of them are misleading . Advertisements create an unrealistic and sometimes irrelevant impression of an any particular product. Unfortunately, often , consumers become the victims of their tricks .
Advertising works best if it targets the people who would likely to use the product . Therefore , many unethical things are done to place advertisements in places . People do not know what actually they need , they would not know what to buy . Because of these facts , in order to get the attention of consumers , companies try all kind of advertising tactics even if they involve illegal and dirty tricks . One of the well-known illegal trick is called “bait and switch”. This tactic is mainly about placing an advertisement for a particular object at tremendous value . Then ,customers get into store and could not find the object, because it is no longer available . While they are so sad about what they missed , they automatically direct themselves to a similar product which is not good as previous but most of the time they feel satisfied . These tactics do not only influence adults , they influence kids as well . There is huge amount of ethical concerns about advertising which relates with children .Children may get the wrong impression a...

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...ium . It should be restricted on everywhere but in this capitalist world , money talks , nobody cares about children or spiritual things . Overall , governmental organizations should place an appropriate regulation within advertisement industry . United Kingdom is a good pattern that puts order in a nice way by setting regulations .

People need to be aware of the advertisements , setting their behaviors correctly and carefully and need to be smart about their consumption . This is exactly how people should act against the advertisements and advertisers should be conscious about what are they doing . They should analyze and check their project before releasing it . What is necessary and what is not really needed should be balanced according to Ethical Standards . Unless they do not obey the rules , government should break in and put some restrictions .
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