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In order to successfully expand it’s services into Canada, Uber needs to focus on a Strength & Opportunities strategy. The sources that were selected are all recently published to ensure up-to-date information.
Canada, also known as America’s sister country holds much resemblance in terms of inhabitants, economy, technology, government, and infrastructure to the United States. With so many similarities, the existing well-established system Uber already has set up in place for the United States can easily be transferred to Canada with minor changes.
Harnessing its existing strengths such as its powerful, reputable, and well-recognized brand name, Uber can enter Canada confident that majority of the target market is already aware of …show more content…

If there were no drivers, there would be no profits, and if drivers found other more favourable ways to make income, Uber would be affected drastically. This is an impactful flaw in Uber’s design. Drivers will often be dissatisfied due to no real employer-employee relationship due to only contract employment, lack of communication, and extremely minimal room for drivers to advance in rank or professionally develop.

There must be an optimal amount of drivers for Uber to effectively operate. A shortage of drivers would cause Uber’s renowned convenience and speed factor to dissipate due to longer wait times for rides. This weakness needs to be overcome to pursue opportunities, and requires that proper incentive and promotion is required to ensure a decent quantity of drivers before entry into Canada.
Canada being a very multi-cultural country, would provide opportunities for Uber if it were to integrate multilingual language support, providing support for languages such as French, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish and Cantonese. This would allow a larger market size to be targeted.

Uber needs to focus its entry into densely populated areas of Canada lacking a well developed public transit system. These opportunities can easily be taken advantage of if Uber was to further develop its existing strengths.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that uber needs to focus on a strength & opportunities strategy in order to successfully expand its services into canada.
  • Explains that canada, also known as america's sister country, holds much resemblance in terms of inhabitants, economy, technology, government, and infrastructure to the united states.
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