Superman: The Story of Christopher Reeve

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An actor, a father, a role model, and even Superman. These are some of the words used to describe Christopher Reeve. Reeve, an actor famous for portraying Superman, was paralyzed from the neck down, as a result from a horse riding accident and was expected never to recover. (Wikipedia n.pag). After paralyzation, he was hesitant about what would happen in the future. With hardships and struggles, it occurred to him that it would take hard determination and will to overcome his adverse situation. His family was with him, and supported him with any decision he would have to make. At one point he had considered suicide, but with a talk from his family members, especially his wife, he never considered suicide as an option again. He continued to push through the struggles to become the person he used to be. However, he would have hurdles to step over to become the Superman he was. Christopher Reeve overcame adversity caused by his accident becauseof his behaviors, relationships and his decisions.

Even though Christopher Reeve may be remembered for portraying Superman, but people may not know that he endured hardship to recover from an accident that almost took his life. Christopher Reeve was an actor that had acted in many movies such as Street Smart, The Bostonians, and “Superman”. (Foundation n.pag). He began to take up horseback riding after learning to ride for a part in a movie, called Anna Karenina. (Wikipedia n.pag).

On May 27, 1995, Christopher Reeve had a terrible accident. He was thrown off a horse and hit a wall. As he hit the wall, he shattered his top two vertebrae, disconnecting his head with his neck. (Wikipedia n.pag). After the accident, knowing he would never walk again, he considered just to let himse...

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...ny other place in the world.” (Wikipedia n.pag) Israelis called Chris “An inspiration to all and urging him to never give up on anything.” (Chris Reeve Homepage n.pag).

Christopher Reeve overcame an adverse situation by having a persistent attitude and always trying to beat the odds. After having a horse-riding accident, Christopher Reeve was forced to be wheelchair bound and always having to breathe with a ventilator, and finally always having a nurse with him at all times. However, he was determined to be able to not have a nurse and be able to breathe on his own at hours at a time. Over time he was able to accomplish this by being persistent and overcoming adverse situations. He was considered an actor, a father, and even Superman, but Christopher Reeve was a Superman to all, and all it was to be.
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