Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer

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Into the Wild, written by Jon Krakauer, is the story of a young man named Christopher Johnson McCandless who ventured off to Alaska and tried to survive in the wild. McCandless grew up in Annandale, Virginia where he attended school and made very good grades, rarely bringing home anything below an A. His father, Walt worked for NASA for a little while, before starting his own business with Chris’s mother, Billie, out of their own home. They worked hard and for long hours to get the business up and running and it finally paid off. The McCandless family was wealthy, but had many emotional problems. After graduating from Emory University in 1990, Chris McCandless donated twenty-four thousand dollars from his savings account to charity, changed his name to Alexander Supertramp, and then disappeared. This book tells the story of his life and travels. Some critics say that Chris McCandless was a very admirable person. He was a brave man that followed his dreams. However, given all of his flaws, attitudes, and actions, he is un-admirable. McCandless walked into the wild very unprepared and stubborn. He also treated his family poorly as well as anyone who got emotionally close to him. Chris was additionally too impressionable in a way that he admired authors along with the books they wrote, and tried to imitate them. He was very rebellious in his actions as well, and did not try to change the world or help others.

As stated above, some critics believe that Chris McCandless was a very admirable person. He was a brave man because he actually went out and followed his dreams instead of leaving them as visions he only saw in his sleep. Most people would never do what McCandless did because it is too risky. He did what he wanted, and did not...

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...not be seen as an admirable person for many reasons. Chris treated his family very poorly and practiced emotional avoidance. His mom took his disappearance the worst and he left no goodbye or apology letter to her or anyone else in his family. He hurt the people who loved him dearly. McCandless was also too impressionable by trying to be like the authors who wrote the books he read. If he had been more realistic and seen the outcomes of some of their lives, he might have not tried to copy them. He also failed to follow governmental rules and was rebellious. This showed how immature Chris was. These flaws McCandless possessed cannot be seen as admirable. Christopher McCandless died happy, but he did not have to die, therefore making him an un-admirable person.

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