Summary Of Wendell Berry's 'The Pleasure Of Eating'

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The Pleasure of Eating Wendell Berry, an environmental activist, cultural critic and a farmer tells consumers to eat “responsibly”. That consumers should realize that eating is an agricultural act. An act that gives us freedom. Meaning that every time we make choices about what we eat and who we purchase from, we are deciding what direction our food system moves. Berry states that to make a change we need to make individual choices to live free. “We cannot be free if our food its sources are controlled by someone else” (2). Berry argues that the average consumer buys available food without any question. That we depend on commercial suppliers, we are influence by advertisements we see on TV and that interfere with our food choices. We buy what other people wants us to buy. We have been controlled by the food industry, and regard eating as just something required for our survival. Berry want consumers to realize we should get an enjoyment from eating and that can only…show more content…
He does not want to eat something that’s being treated cruelly. He wants us to eat healthy fresh food. The main point of his article is that people take for granted their meals and have no idea the process farmers go through to make our lives easier and our stomach happy. Berry want us to acknowledge farmers work and he want us consumers know more about the process and the food we absorb each day. Now that I recall we did have a vegetable garden last year, but we also had rabbits and two dogs. The story of the garden didn’t have a happy ending but we did have vegetables, but not as good as they have it at the store. Probably in the future, maybe in summer I’ll try to start a new vegetable garden and get informed about the importance of growing one. I will pay more attention to the food I’m eating and get ready to grow a fresh healthy vegetable and fruit garden on my
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