Student Parents Should Go To College Essay

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College is an opportunity to get a degree to get a good job. Student parents are parents that are also college students. Student parents decide to go to college to get a better job to support their family, but this is hard to do because many colleges do not provide child care or services for families who have a child and want to go to college. “Despite the fact that there are 3.9 million student parents enrolled as undergraduates, they face significant barriers to postsecondary success, and institutions are ill-prepared to provide for their needs” (Elisa Garcia). Many community colleges and universities offer affordable child care or assist in finding affordable child care for their student parents. Student parents should go to a college that provides child care because parents will be more successful, it is affordable, the children are more likely to go to college when they are older, and colleges will gain more students. First, parents will be more successful if they go to college. Colleges offering affordable child…show more content…
Child care on campuses are staffed by highly trained teachers with classes that “educational enrichment and child care for children from infancy through preschool” (Douglas). Low-income children with this opportunity have a great amount of support and this offers a chance of them continuing to do well in school. These children often need early education to keep them from getting behind later on in school. This support can help to break the cycle of poverty because “children significantly benefit from quality early education, and that children of college graduates are in turn more likely to attend college” (Garcia). The children are less likely to grow up in poverty if their parents are able to finish college as their parents will be able to get a good paying job to continue to support their children’s
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