Stress and Your Health

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Stress and Your Health

Stress is a simple concept but it affects us in the most drastic of ways, from the positive to the negative. Everyone has stress in their life, no exceptions, ranging from the near-end-of-life stress to something as simple as a teacher grading a paper. The effects of stress are both easily seen and difficult to detect, another spectrum among the many that revolve around this “simple” concept. To start off let’s first ask a question, What is Stress?
Stress is a response the body has to being put under pressure from a stimulus from the environment we are in. This results in a motivating force in small amounts or a health risk in large amounts. The buildup of stress causes a variety of effects in the body which include; increased blood pressure, rapid breathing, slower digestive system, increased heart rate, lowered immune system, tense muscles, and insomnia(due to increased alertness). These can become harmful overtime if the body is in this constant state due to the greater amount of work that the body needs to put in to maintain this state. This howe...
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