Strengths Of Mass Media

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Mass Media is one of the major factors in life that influences the general population. mass media is, as Schaefer defines, “Print and Electronic means of communicating that carry messages to widespread audiences of people.”(Schaefer, pg130) It is the various ways information and news reaches massive audiences of people, such as television, books, radio, magazines, and the internet. The media is a very powerful tool that has the power to dictate how we learn about news throughout the world. Furthermore, most of the information people believe now is based on what they have seen and read in the media, rather than their own personal experiences.
Because mass media has such a large influence on society and interactions between people around the world, Sociologists have studied into
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It connects us as humans in a way that isn’t possible anyway else. Mass media is quite possibly the most powerful tool in the world for spreading information to large groups of people. Not only do people not have to research and learn about important issues and topics for themselves, but they are basically spoonfed news and information. This is the point where the little conflict theorist inside me says that mass media 's greatest strengths are also its greatest weaknesses.
Mass media is the easiest way to obtain the daily news. From magazines and newspapers, to TMZ and Yahoo, there are an abundant different sources telling people “their” news. The problem with that is it allows anyone to put anything out there, true or false. It is so vast that it is held responsible for a number of different things. Self-hatred, Health issues, and what news if the news you hear is right or wrong are a few examples of what mass media is blamed
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