Strategies to Strengthen Human Resource in an Organization

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For all organizations it is always important to perform its tasks and services in the most effective way. The HR unit in an organization will have to play an active role in this improvement process. There is a need to develop the robust management and responsiveness in relation to the needs of the organization (Womack et al, 2010). Today’s business is surrounded by hyper competitive environment. Global competition and global opportunity to business are more pervasive today than ever before in history. Companies are responding and reacting to the changes that have taken their business environment by storm (Govindarajan and Gupta, 2001). According to Carrig (1997), to attain the sustainable competitive advantages, traditional HR practices should be replaced by transformational HR practices such as management development, business partnership, strategic planning, organizational development and knowledge management (Karen and Rector, 2004, pp.97-100).
In early 1970’s, many companies were planning significant expansion. During this period, such companies were quick to realize that the key to success was adequate supply of appropriate skilled people. This led to emergence of Human Resource Planning (HRP) as a personnel tool. HRP is still used by many organizations, but it is less significant now. If the need for HRP no longer exists, then the absence of practical, usable tools is of little performance. Human Resource Planning is about ensuring that the correct number and mix of employees is available at the right place at the right time. The success of HRP is the survival of organization. Quantitative techniques can enhance problem solving abilities and hence improve decision-making effectiven...

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