Discussion of Two Approaches

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In the business, theories are significant as they provide the assumption of key relation. They are affective in conveying the strategies to be taken to process and evaluate the job or task. In the selection process various theories or approaches are implemented by different organisations to recruit a candidate for a specific job. To avoid the poor outcome, the selection process involves two ways method in which both candidate and organisation are able to explore there interests and expectations to be served. This essay will focus on two dominant theories of selection traditional as being too simplistic and processual approaches as complex to assess the suitability of a specific person for an explicit job by comparing and contrasting each approach in various aspects. In doing so, processual approach to selection tends to result in more accurate and clear expectation for both candidate and organsiation.

Traditional approach to selection is referred on basis of organisation to ensure that job specification/requirement are closely related as possible to find ‘best fit’ candidate to those requirements. Evidently, failure to hire the ‘right person’ results to high labour turnover, low morale, low productivity disciplinary issues and so on. (Leopold & Harris, 2009). Furthermore as White, C (2004) claims that due to some jobs and organizations nature to differ, radically alter, an individual’s psychological differences such as motivation, emotions, and personality will impact individuals to be suited for some than others. Leopold and Harris (2009) carry on stating traditional approach encourages this and emphasis on ensuring that the recruitment processes to be systematic to achieve strategic objectives. However, the stress on recruit...

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