Stonehenge And The Mayan Culture, And Their Beliefs

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Some of the ancient structures in the world still captivate our imagination and astonish us till this day. Like Stonehenge one of the most recognizable and famous sites in the world. Additionally the Mayan civilization, that immediately reminds you of the prediction of the end of the world. Hence to extend our knowledge about the Stonehenge and the Mayan civilization I am going to talk about their culture, beliefs and their surroundings.
The Mayan civilization was able to adapt itself amongst the harsh conditions and was able to live till today. The Mayan civilization was located in Mexico and Central America before the 16th century called Mesoamerica. The Maya lived in 3 separate environments which caused cultural differences. Around 1800B.C. the Maya were agricultural using slash-burn system, and has had several techniques that raised their fields. Their agriculture contains of squashes, beans, cotton and various kinds of fruit trees. In addition the Mayans are advanced in cultural traits like pyramids building, city construction and stone monuments. The Mayan style of art consist of weapons made from parts of animals, also they are famous with pyramids and calendars.
Around 250 A.D the Mayan civilization was consistent of 40 cities and each city held a population of 5.000 and 50.000 people. At its peak the Mayan civilization reached 2.000.000. The Maya were very religious people worshiping various Gods related to nature. Like the Gods of the sun, corn, moon and rain.
Coming to the Stonehenge, located in Britain which is the most prehistoric monument. The first Stonehenge was built in around 2600 B.C. The stones form a circle about 284 feet in diameter. Construction of the Stonehenge continued from the moment it was built. Two ...

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...pagan civilization. This theory has very small evidence to support it and seems to be based more on prejudices of early humans before modern religion than anything else.
It seems that the purpose of this structure can only be theorized. The true purpose of Stonehenge seems to be lost to time.
In conclusion, I believe the reason for the Mayan civilization to diminish, is overpopulation since they have exhausted their lands and it couldn’t sustain more population. Additionally another cause was their complex traditions of rituals and ceremonies. Finally the harsh environmental condition since they lack water. But Mayans are still alive till this day but located in different locations. The Stonehenge in now considered the most famous sites in the world. Approximately 800.00 tourists visit it every year. It has undergone to several restorations to prevent its collapse.
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