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Stonehenge, one of England most puzzling structures has historian, researchers and archeologists very unsure of it actually purpose. Whatever Stonehenge is it is a remarkable structure full of mystery and magic. Between 1919 and 1950 was a major breakthrough when archeologist began finding the remains of Stonehenge, Today he remains of Stonehenge can be visited in the fields of Witt shire England, where it has stood for nearly 5000 years. Stonehenge has three major areas starting with the inner circle, a smaller stone semicircle, and a larger more define horseshoe surrounding the two smaller areas. The inner part of Stonehenge dates back more than 5000 years ago. The radius of the inner circle spans 320 feet, the depth of the ditch is 7 feet deep by 20 ft wide. The people who built this circle took the chalk like rock that was produced from digging and built up a bank within the bank there were 56 holes dug named after the scholar John Alburey. At the entrance of the circle there were two stone that were put in place these made sort of an entrance way to the circle as well as two more stone opposite of each other. One of the main stones still standing is called the slaughter stone which is one of the entrance stones. After the building of the inner circle there was evidence that the Neolithic people used it for another 500 years after.

The second area of Stonehenge is one of the most baffling areas of Stonehenge. This area was dated back around 2100 BCE. The construction of a semicircle made of 80 pieces of granite stone (blue stone) was built with two Heel stones at either end. “The Avenue” leading in to the center of the semicircle was a path that had banks on either side and now in modern day is very close to the h...

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...opping areas, highways and a visitor’s center. Tours are held taking people around the stone and answering questions about it. Each year during midsummer’s eve sunrise there are thousands of visitors surrounding Stonehenge just to watch the sun become aligned with the entrances? The modern day druids come to ask for blessings and give offerings to their ancestors and to Stonehenge. After seeing this amazing site visitors say they feel the tingle of electric and magic in the air as they tour Stonehenge. Other than being one of England’s most visited sites, the construction of stone hedge is still one of the biggest mysteries in the world. The structure is strange and the stories entertaining. Hopefully one day the mystery of Stonehenge will be unraveled and the real story will come out, but until then it is kind of nice to hear the different legends of Stonehenge.