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Stonehenge The Stonehenge has a mystery that people have been longing to solve for hundreds of years. The specific questions asked about this landmark is where it's located, how was this structure built, what did these ancient cultures use this for. Well when it comes to answering these questions it is difficult. There are many different speculations with no sufficient evidence. Stonehenge lies in the north country of Wiltshire in central southern England, about 30 miles north of the English Channel coast. The Stonehenge's construction was a mystery itself. With no exact or similar precedent and no future plans of anything like this, it makes it hard to understand it's existence. The monument as a whole was constructed over fourteen or fifteen hundred years, equivalent to seventy generations. It is easy to wonder how each generation even knew the intentions of the first. It is also still unknown why this position was chosen. It was built on an uneven surface in which just about any other place could have been a better choice. This has lead people to believe maybe this was already a place with significance. The long and complex process of construction is put into three different phases broken down by people who have studied this monument. Phase one was a simple piece of work done in the ground. With picks made from antlers, they dug in sections a circular ditch with an internal bank and a small outer bank. Inside the bank lies fifty-six pits known as the Aubrey holes named after the discoverer. (Souden Pg. 32) These pits were believed to be for the placings of cremated bodies. The antler picks they used are how we know the dates setting at about 3000-2920 BC. When it was finished it measured a perfect circle 33... ... middle of paper ... ...e create a perfect circle even though it is built on slanted uneven land. Because people can not appreciate this view from where we stand, possibly it is because it is meant for someone else. No matter of the reasoning of these stones it seems like it is always associated with the afterlife or higher beings. Stonehenge is an incredible feat that has taken thousands of years to complete. I believe that Stonehenge's main purpose was as a burial ground for the high class and wealthier people. I do not think it's sole purpose was for burial but also for ceremonies. The Stonehenge is a spiritual place with many hidden secrets we will never know about. In order for civilizations to create this structure on such a massive scale meant this sites purpose has much meaning. Until we can find conclusive evidence one can only take a best guess on what seems most possible.

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