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My long term goal is to become a renowned Environmental Professional. Thus, I am writing to express my interest in pursuing Master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Management (M.SEM). I am enthusiastic on the prospect of broadening my knowledge of the complex nature of environmental and sustainability challenges through research and learning

In the course of my undergraduate studies, courses like environmental impact assessment, principles of natural resources, environmental law, environmental auditing, environmental monitoring systems and techniques have broadened my knowledge of Environmental Management. My abilities in report writing, independent research and presentation were immensely improved in my undergraduate final year project and seminar. One of my undergraduate courses on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) increased my interest in Environmental Assessment. The course explored social, economic and environmental impact of drilling operations, factory construction location. We were split into groups and each group developed a flow chat analysis of social and economic benefits with corresponding deterioration environmental effects such as extinction of pollution of underground water, decrease in species diversity due to loss of habitat and air pollution. Presently, I am working with Tracon Integrated Services Limited. I partake in various impact assessments, pollution control, waste management (analysis of biological, chemical and physical parameters to quantify the effects of treated industrial effluent), and renewable energy. Through my on the job training and experience, I have developed a robust knowledge base and research skills necessary to synthesize and synergise research and advance knowledge in the areas...

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...zing and communication skills have been further strengthened through my role as the Public Relations Officer of the Environmental Management and Toxicology Department Students’ Association at my University. I see myself contributing to the development of School of Environment and Sustainability Students' Association (SENSSA) thorough my active participation and innovative thinking thereby improving students’ experience

Government policies related to industry and economy are guided by environment considerations in numerous ways. We have seen billions of dollars of investments stuck because of environmental issues. Sustainable environmental management can help the society, industry and environment to co-exist. I intend to continue my study of the subject of sustainable environmental management and contribute towards academic activities by way of research and teaching

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