Statement of Purpose for a Masters' Degree

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I am a final year student of B.Tech degree program in computer science and engineering branch at Gitam University, Visakhapatnam. Since my childhood I had immense interest and liking towards computers. I have excelled in academics at every step in my education. In my 12 years of schooling I always stood first in class and my interest towards computers made me take a course of computers in my 12th grade where I learnt Visual Basic and Oracle and scored a good percentage. A strong desire to ingrain the fundamentals of computers and flourish in this field made me to join GITAM University where I have qualified in an entrance examination among 20,000 students who have appeared. My undergraduate studies have given me a very substantial knowledge of the concepts of computer science. I always wanted a very clear understanding of the concepts and I strived for it. I have learnt computer networks, Operating systems, Network Security, Software engineering, Design and analysis of Algorithms, Database Management Systems as a part of my curriculum. And I have consistently performed well during my under grad where I scored a GPA 8.5/10. These subjects have developed immense interest and have increased my hunger to gain more knowledge. Zeal to learn more has made me apply for master’s degree program. Learning of computer science would be incomplete without programming. During my undergrad I have learnt the programming languages C, C++, and JAVA and performed well during theory and lab examinations and scored S grades. I have also participated in Swarm Robotics workshop conducted by IIT-Bombay where we simulate the robot using code on basic c. As a part of my academics I have done a project on Airline reservation system in Database Management Sy... ... middle of paper ... ...EE. I have also conducted many events in GITAM UNIVERSITY technical fests. At the same time I have never neglected studies and balanced both. Having been part of an exacting undergraduate program at GITAM University, I have internalized the desire to obtain Masters in Computer Science. I believe that the Graduate Program at your University will provide me the opportunity to satisfy the same and enable further honing of my technical and analytical skills acquired thus far. I am fully aware of the commitment and perseverance required for research and believes that my aptitude and motivation will see me through the challenge. I am also confident that given an opportunity, I can contribute to the ongoing work in your graduate program in a productive manner. I therefore look forward to joining your University for pursuing higher studies leading to a Master's degree.
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