Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy

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Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy

I think being a teacher is one of the most interesting positions there are because you are able to see children grow and learn from day to day. You are able to help them reach understanding of curriculum that they had never heard of before. Also when you get tied up in all the stresses of life, children help you stay young mentally by their care free child world of play, laughter, and smiles. I love to be around children because they are full of life, comical, unpredictable, and help you to be more positive through life’s twists and turns. I desire to be a teacher so I can help children reach their highest potential and encourage them to keep reaching higher. I want to be able to teach children in an interesting, fun, and progressive way. I plan to be a teacher of eclecticism because I feel in order to help children be well rounded individuals we need to give them a well rounded education, that is one structured with various activities.

First, I want to teach from some aspects of the progressivism style which focuses on respect for individuality, high regard for science, and learning from experience. I want to teach the children in my classroom to have respect for each other. This is a quality that will help them to be successful in society because if they respect others, then others will have respect for them. Having respect for others also shows that they have respect for themselves. I also want children to learn by hands-on activities. I will direct them from step to step and demonstrate how to do each step in the activities they perform. These activities make learning more interesting for the children because the children are able to get involved instead of just always watching the teacher do everything. Speaking of the children getting involved, they can really get involved when learning in a different atmosphere when on field trips. I feel taking children on field trips is an effective learning experience for them because it allows children to get out of the classroom setting and learn from a different perspective. In addition I want to focus on sciences because they are an important area in the knowledge of children. I think this growing area of our society should be focused on thoroughly because science advances and improves everyday and I feel children should be aware of their changing world.
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