Statement Of Purpose For A Career In Computer Science

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With my intentions firmly in place to gather both sound knowledge and expertise in the field of Computer Science at the Master’s level, I am on the look out for the best education I can avail in CS at this phase. I am intrigued, deeply fascinated and motivated by the latest trend for convergent sciences and technical developments. This has made technical applications even more versatile and utilitarian in the world. With the fact that pure sciences are now blurring and finally being accepted as one seamless search for truth, it is also undergoing major upheavals and changes on the educational front. Motivation and inspiration from biological examples are being taken and re-invented in the technical areas using major contributions from the computer chip and software sciences. I have come to the realization that the courses in which I wish to pursue my MS are the fields in which the American Universities are at the pinnacle for Research and Advancements. After firming my decision to seek a career in Computer Science, it is now imperative for me to build up my professional competency in this domain by following up my Bachelor’s in Information Technology with the Post Graduation from the best institute that I can avail admission to.

I find Computer Science to be dominated by creative engineering across disciplines and areas of human interaction inclusive of work. Being a creative person, I am inclined towards using this technology to bring out the best that I can give for the industry. My interest in this particular Master’s stems from my past experience in the field of computer science and technology, tasks and projects undertaken during the B. Tech program; and also the feedback I receive from my friends and peers in this domain. I...

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...lege journal or news magazine would give me the chance to enrich my study abroad program on this MS course.

Impressed with the US education system for technical education and R&D attractions, apart from the freedom to choose one’s own range of subjects to shape the career and professional future according to unique aptitudes and interests, has been the major reason for my taking up this MS at your college. Serious aspirants find the higher educational programs in the US a very positive step towards realizing their professional and personal vision with regard to their growth as a human being, and attaining a fulfilling life. I look towards your institution to help me realize my potential and create the future I want for myself and those around me. I am in eager anticipation of your admission formalities so that I can take positive steps to joining at the earliest.
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