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Late afternoon sun spills its warmth over the crowded neighborhood watering hole. A thirsty herd anxiously assembles in a semi-circle to await their souvenir. Carefully, they stake out their territory avoiding eye contact. Any sudden disruption could incite major pandemonium. The rich aroma of their reward teases their senses, prolonging their torment. Just then, a sudden flash of movement sends the gathered party on high alert. With mouths watering, a race to pounce is on. Suddenly, a voice fills the air. “Grande skinny Caramel Macchiato,” the barista behind the counter declares. He leaves the creamy concoction on display to be collected. The recipient, a small frenzied woman juggling her shopping bags, retrieves her beverage. She sprints towards the exit only pausing to enjoy her first sip. Another customer, working a smart phone, quickly replaces her spot in the procession. This series of events continues throughout the day. A visit to Starbucks is much more than buying a cup of coffee. A step inside will delight your senses and satisfy cravings. Furthermore, Starbucks offers people a chance to interact with their community. It is a window into the workings of our modern day society.

Outside, Starbucks’ signature goddess beckons thirsty patrons of a bustling shopping plaza. The bookend establishment receives a steady stream of visitors seeking the iconic coffee throughout the day. A small number of customers occupy the outdoor seating to enjoy their coffee in the remaining warmth of October’s sun. The familiar green signage, recognizable world wide, reads STARBUCKS COFFEE. Prominently displayed above the door, the sign is a beacon to coffee lovers everywhere. Consumers have numerous options when it comes to feeding their ...

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...ssons for fifty dollars a session, just tear off the phone number and give Mike a call. Over at the Old South Methodist Church, a folk singer-songwriter will be performing Saturday night; tickets are five dollars.

With thousands of locations worldwide, it is hard to imagine you could find anything unique about a Starbucks. However, it is not the cookie-cutter store and menu that makes Starbucks special. In a world of text messaging and Facebook communication, Starbucks offers an extraordinary opportunity for people to experience face-to-face interaction. With people’s busy schedules, families can reconnect over a cup of coffee. As one of America’s most popular chains, Starbucks offers a snapshot into twenty-first century living. It is unclear if the Starbucks craze has lasting-power. What will remain is people’s need to seek out places to come together. ,,,,,,

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