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Design is all about creativity. It is about making something that has not been created before. This concept is appropriate for interior design, which is the art or process of designing an interior space. It requires natural talents, yet a designer’s skills can be developed throughout their time in practice. The designer’s main goal is to satisfy their client’s desire in terms of style for their preferred space. They are required to evaluate the floor plan of each area in order to come up with a concept and design. Laura Day is one of the most famous people in this field of study during this era. However, behind every great design are months and months of preparations. In order to make an extraordinary room design, there are four main stages that the designer needs to undergo; these stages are programming, design development, construction document and installation.

The first stage to make a good design is called programming (Pile 138). This is the time where the designer meet with the client. The client is the one who must tell the designer about their request and requirements for their desired room. It is also very important for the designer to ask some necessary questions to their clients, such as the number of bedrooms needed. Moreover, both designer and clients will talk about the deadline of the project as well as the budget because one of the most common design conflicts is usually involving cost. However, when the conflict arises, a solution can be made by articulating the choices and by proposing one or more choices. Furthermore, selecting a room is a crucial step before we start to actually design the interior. Once the designer completed all of them, then they will start to do the designing. In t...

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... stages that we have to do in order to make a good and functional design; they are programming, design development, construction documents and installation. Day once said, "It's all about vision, the vision of the designer & the vision of the client." I personally agree with her quote, which in other words means that both the designer and the client’s ideas are equally important because when they combine ideas, it will make one incredible design.

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