Guidance And Counseling Essay

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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Guidance and Counseling is an integral part of a school. Through Guidance and Counseling, the needs of the students may be addressed. Guidance Program is used to see the skeleton and the foundation of the whole Guidance and Counseling Services. Guidance and Counseling has been defined in the Rules and Regulations (RR) of Republic Act 9258, Rule 1, Section 3 (Manila Standard, 2007), as a profession involving an “integrated approach to the development of a well-functioning individual primarily by helping him/her to utilize his/her present and future in accordance with his/her abilities, interests, and needs”. Villar (2007) stated that various disciplines provide the basis for Guidance and Counseling to respond effectively to the needs and concerns brought about by certain conditions within the individual, the family, the environment and society at large. In addition to this, Yuksel-Sahin (2009) reported on the study that counseling and guidance services help the individual to know and understand himself, accept his superior and limited features, develop and trust himself, develop effective interpersonal relationships, and to become a personally and socially balanced and harmonious individual. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY SCOPE AND LIMITATION DEFINITION OF TERMS CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This chapter puts forward the research literature related to the current study. In the course of this, different concepts, ideas and opinions that the researchers have provided are enriched and elucidated. The conceptual literature and research literature of the guidance and counseling and evaluating guidance and counseling programs was gat... ... middle of paper ... ...number of samples Sum of Square between: where: SSb = sum of square between X1 = summation of x N = total number of sample Sum of Square within: where: SSw = sum of square within SSt = sum of square total SSb = sum of square between Degrees of Freedom: dfb = k-1 dfw = nt – k Mean Square Between: where: MSb = mean square between SSb = sum of square between dfb = degrees of freedom between Mean Square Within: where: MSw = mean square within SSw = sum of square within dfw = degrees of freedom within F – ratio: where: F = F-test ratio MSb = mean square between MSw = mean square within After computing the F-test ratio value, decision as to whether accept or reject the stated null hypothesis. Reject hypothesis if the computed value is greater than the tabular value, accept if otherwise.
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