Stafford County Public Schools and Technology

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Stafford County Public Schools’(SCPS) new “Bring Your Own Technology” Policy (B.Y.O.T.) seemed as exciting to the students as Christmas morning is to most children. This new institution allows students access to their smart phones and personal computers and tablets in class for educational purposes. The policy also provides guidelines as to what circumstances allow for use of these items. Adding this new policy raised multiple questions in parents and students of Stafford County’s Brooke Point High School: What exactly is the new policy? Why is there such a sudden change? How will this really change things in the classroom? People questioned the reason for the new policy, and were curious about what would happen once it went into full effect and as the year progressed. The B.Y.O.T. Policy creates both positive effects, such as ease of research, and negative effects, such as a lack of ability to participate and more distraction, in the classroom. Brooke Point High School’s administration makes an effort to support and monitor this policy on a daily basis. The policy was intended to assist in the county’s mission to “challenge each student to achieve excellence in a global society” and to “develop [twenty-first] century skills…” (SCPS). The product that seems to be intended by this policy is one of educational advancement and improved interaction among students on the internet. When constructing the policy, the school board had the intention that “The use of privately owned electronics is solely limited to support and enhance instructional activities…” (SCPS). The idea that using technology in the classroom may have a positive effect on education and communication skills played a large role in the decision to create, implement, an... ... middle of paper ... ...mire, Ryan E. (2010). The Use of Instructional Technology in the Classroom: Selection and Effectiveness. Gasell, Crystal A. (2008). Benefits of Technology in Today’s Classrooms. l.pdf SCPS. (n.d.). Stafford County Public Schools “Bring Your Own Technology” (B.Y.O.T.) Responsible Use Guidelines. Stafford County Public Schools Code of Conduct. arent%20and%20Student%20Forms/Code%20of%20Conduct/Forms/BYOT%20Guidelin es.pdf?sessionid=09034448512c78169c0ca357815f82af Valenzuela, Susie. (n.d.). Technology’s Effect on Education. U.S. News University Directory. education/

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