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Sport Sport Sport: Sports in Ancient Egypt included Handball, Competitive swimming, Hockey, Weightlifting Tug of war, Gymnastics, Javelin, Jumping, Running, Boxing,Wrestling, Rowing, Equestrian sports, Handball Competitive and swimming. Ancient Egyptian sport also included team sports. They required team work in an effort to display skill, strength and sportsmanship. Hockey Ancient Egyptians had a version of field hockey. Hockey sticks were pieces of palm tree branches with the tell-tale bend at the end. The inner core of the ball was papyrus. The method of playing hockey in Ancient Egypt is the same as the hockey we play today. Tug Tug of war is also a sport people play in Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, the method of play tug of war in ancient Egypt is players pull each other 's arms at the front of the line. Everyone else grabs the waist of the player in front of him and pulls until one team pulls the other team across. Ancient Egyptians had boats for traveling, fishing and sport. Rowing as a team was a way to get exercise.. Rowing in Ancient Egyptian sports was no different from rowing today. Weightlifting Weightlifting is a sport Egyptians do. One method of weightlifting was the attempt to lift a heavy sack of sand with one hand. The method is called clean and jerk lift, you have to lift the heavy sand and keep it vertical. The player had to stay in that position for a short period. This is one of the rules of weightlifting applied till now. Ancient Egyptians practiced field and track sports such as the high jump. Two players sat opposite each other with legs stretched, with one player’s feet on top of the toes of the other. If the third player managed to jump over that barrier, the two sitting pla... ... middle of paper ... ...andals when there feet hurt or for special occasions. Rich Egyptians wear leather sandals and the poor wear sandals made out of woven papyrus or Palm. Jewellery The Egyptians wore jewellery to show there wealth and they all believed it will make them more attracting to the gods.They wore rings, ear-rings, bracelets, decorated buttons, necklaces, neck collars and pendants. Only the rich Egyptians could afford jewelry made of gold and precious stones. Ordinary people made jewelry from coloured beads. Make up Some Egyptians wear make up. They used black coal eyeliner to line their eyes and darken their eye lashes and eye brows. The Egyptians coloured theirs eye lids using eye shadow made from powered minerals. Henna dye was used to colour their lips and nails.

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