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Hatshepsut and nurse Sitsnefru are both women from Egypt. Both women play a major role within the Egypt culture. The Egyptian culture does not allow women to become leaders. Queen Hatshepsut took control when she had her chance on the other hand; Nurse Sitsnefru felt it was her duty to take care of her patient. They were looked up to as important figures in Egypt. They have both accomplished so much to help their culture flourish and the people to grow. I will discuss their great accomplishments and differences they made for a great name
Hatshepsut was raised by her father king Thutmose I and mother, Queen Aahmes in 1508BC. She was considered to be the most favored child of all her siblings Hatshepsut means "Foremost of Noble Ladies" and she was expected to be queen. Arica as a young child had a sister, Akhbetneferu (Neferubity) who died at a young age. Due to her father’s marriage to Mutnofret, she also had four half-brothers in which two died and the other two composed of Thutmose II who later on became a pharaoh. Thutmose I her father named her next in line to take over the thron...
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