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Hatshepsut – Part 1

Hatshepsut was born in the 15th century in Egypt and was the first great woman in recorded history. Hatshepsut was the daughter of Thutmose I and queen Ahmes. She had two brothers and a half brother. Unfortunately, Hatshepsut’s full brothers died while they were still young children and so she became sort of an only child.

After her father’s death when she was 12, Hatshepsut became the queen of Egypt when she married her half-brother and he became the Pharaoh Thutmose II. He was the son of her father and one of his second wives. During the reign of Thutmose II, Hatshepsut assumed the traditional role of queen and principal wife. During their marriage, Hatshepsut and Thutmose II were not able to produce a male heir but had a daughter named Neferure. Because she was the first and main wife and queen of Thutmose II, when he died, she proclaimed herself the fifth Pharaoh while denying the old Kings son, her nephew.

The name Hatshepsut means “Foremost of Noble Ladies” and as a way to justify becoming pharaoh, she claimed the she was the daughter of the God Amun.

She took possession of the Two Lands while she dressed as a king wearing a false beard and traditional men’s clothes. The Egyptian people seem to accept her strange behaviour and she remained in power for 21 years and nine months. One way Hatshepsut stayed in power was to construct many buildings and monuments throughout Egypt. Hatshepsut built magnificent temples and also restored many others but eventually when her nephew became an adult he took his rightful place as the pharaoh.

The temple of Hatshepsut was designed by her lover and a member of her court called Senmut and it took nearly 20 years to build.

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