Sports Marketer: A Career Profile For A Career For My Career Profile

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I have decided to choose Sports Marketer for my career profile. As a Sport Marketer you will be working to create advertising and promotions that draw participants, fans, and sponsors to the specific sport or team. They research and evaluate the consumers call for their product or service. Sport Marketers then provide their product or services in a way that consumers will be fulfilled so that way they come back and redo the experience. In this career there are multiple environments you could work in. For example, a person could either work for a marketing firm, university, or a professional team. The work hours change from off-season to season if you are working for a sports team. During the offseason a sports marketer hours typically are 9-5 Monday thru Friday, however,…show more content…
New employees would generally make $40,000. Sport marketers who work in a full-service marketing firm salaries range from $60,000-$400,000. Their salaries depend on their salary structure (base vs. commission). In order to become a sports marketer a person would have to obtain either a bachelor or master’s degree in sport management or general management with emphasis in sport marketing. Areas in sport marketing that could help one in receiving a job would include marketing research, consumer behavior, sales and promotions, sport law, communications, and public relations. Once you are near finalizing your college degree, most sport marketers finish an internship. I would like to touch on the future outlook and the hotbeds for a sports marketing job. The U.S. Department of Labor expects a 13% increase by 2018 in general marketing management. According to Forbes the hottest areas to work are currently New York City, New York; Oakland, California; San Jose, California; San Fransico, California; Long Beach California; and Boston Massachusetts. This is all based on listings for
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