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Entity Business Plan Paper

The purpose of the following paper is to be able to inform the reader(s) of the paper about the business goals of the ownership and operations of a Sports Bar Franchise. The topics of discussion will include the description of the goal of the business and subtopics of the types of goods and services that are provided by any Sports Bar Franchise, what types of customers will this business attract, and lastly, how and where the specified services are made available. The paper will also include dialogue about the strengths and weaknesses of an assorted of business organizations and which one would be most appropriate for the author’s business venture.

The next section will illustrate the way in which separate commerce businesses function in the international legal atmosphere and to recognize any of the domestic and worldwide matters, which affect the assorted industry configuration and how those concerns can be successfully handled. Lastly, the paper will contain information about Sport Bar Franchise documents that are needed to initiate the business in the state of Maryland.

The purpose of a Sports Bar Franchise is to have the ability to supply its customers with quality food, beverages, and service, while also allowing the customers of the Sports Bar to be able to watch his or her favorite sports game while during the dining occasion and enjoying the food and his or her spare time at the establishment.

A web article that is titled Business Plan for a Sports Bar (n.d.) states, “Mission- Our goal is to be a step ahead of the competition. We want our customers to have more fun during their leisure time. We provide more televisions with more sporting events than anywhere else in the region. We provide state-of-the-art table-top audio control at each table so the customer can listen to the selected program of his or her choice without interference from background noise. We combine menu selection, atmosphere, ambiance, and service to create a sense of “place” in order to reach our goal of over-all value in a dining/entertainment experience” (para 9).

The targeted customer for sports bar franchises are individuals who dine out, but also take pleasure in viewing a variety of spectator sports at the same time. There are many different sports that are able to be observed when an individual is dining at one of these types of businesses.

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