The Commercialization of Education

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Commercialization is the process of involving an activity in commerce. Commercialization is the process that is involved in making a product commercially successful. The process involves the production, dissemination, sales, marketing and support necessary to commercialize the product or activity. Commercialization apples to various sectors and these include the education, agriculture and the sport industries. Commercialization of education is a new trend that has resulted in reforms in the education sector. The commercialization of education can be seen through the increase of private schools and institutions. This privatization has introduced the financial element to the qualifications necessary for education, especially in regard to higher education. Commercialization of education requires structural adjustments, shifts in accountability and reconceptualization of the education system. This commercialization has an effect on many households and therefore changes the whole concept of education, especially the student teacher relationship, the purposes of education and the attitudes towards education. Commercialization of education has a greater effect on the stakeholders involved, such as the student’s teachers, administrators and parents because of the shift from the vertical relationship in a horizontal relationship where the role of the teachers and that of the student changes to that of a business and clients (Bok 75). The commercialization of sports is illustrated by the amount of money that is involved in sport. Stakeholders in the sector are using lots of money to improve their performances with an objective of making profit. Sport has changed its form and dimension and longer only a source of entertainment, but a... ... middle of paper ... that is both inevitable and necessary for the development of any sector. The process involves prioritizing the value of money in conducting activities. Commercialization brings out positive effects in the activity that is being commercialized, but also has negative effects. These negative effects are often trivial and do not significantly hinder the process of commercialization. Work cited Bok, Derek. Universities in the marketplace: The commercialization of higher education. Princeton University Press, 2009. Braun, J. von, and Eileen Kennedy. Agricultural commercialization, economic development, and nutrition. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994. Zhen-xi, N. I. U. "Study on the Side-effects of the Commercialization on Competitive Sports and the Strategy to Deal with Them [J]." Journal of Tianjin University of Sport 1 (2006): 024.

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