South Carolina Private School Assisting Lower-Income Students

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Children from low-income families face a dual problem of fewer educational advantages during their life. In Longs, South Carolina, a Catholic school exist which many parents send their children for the best education possible instead of public school. Schools across the United States have numerous difficulties of youth not attending and graduating high school. Parents either know of or have witnessed illegal activity within a vicinity of public schools. The literature that is provided to teach these children is not efficient and effective. Many low-income families have no choice in the matter because they cannot afford the fees for attendance to private schools. Some families have the opportunity of obtaining a voucher that helps pay for the tuition. Many see this voucher as a way of abandoning public school instead of trying to fix it. Whatever the advantages of education for young people, many are not attending school on a regular basis. Many studies have been done that confirm that there is a vast difference in academic performance between children from high and low-income communities. Education is necessary but education alone does not make it equal between the privilege and poor children as many think it should. Decreasing poverty and inequality first, will raise educational enrollment and performance of students to succeed without regard to their environment situations, race, and gender.
Funding is one way that affects the quality of the education system. Schools that enroll students that is from high-income communities supplement more funding for each student than low-income community schools. This means that wealthier children experience education with adequate teachers, with efficient and effective educational literatur...

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...m what teachers suggest them to be.
Many people around the world believe that education is fundamental to achieving equality and economic opportunity. A high school diploma and a college degree ensure better jobs and higher income. In recent decades, the importance of literacy skills has become more vital than ever but schools still have many deficiencies. The measures of student performance are on the rise but, many of our youth fall short of graduating high school. Public opinion agrees that changes must be made but have not come to an agreement of what exactly the solution to the problems is. Equal school funding is at the top of my list when it comes to poverty and inequality in the school system. Although schools are educating more young people than ever before, their deficit of funds and programs hinder them from meeting the needs of an array of students.
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