Problems With the American School System

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High school and college dropout rates are at an all time high. Secondary school students are told throughout high school that if they don’t go to college then they will never be successful. Going to college doesn’t always make a difference because many career choices such as teachers and lawyers are highly contested and result in either no job or low salary. Low pay deters teacher’s motivation and they tend to work part time jobs to supplement their income. Public schools standards are comparable to a kangaroo court’s procedure; private schools are known for better teachers, environment, and test grades. The major problems in the public school system include the lack of funding, lack of resources, and lack of standards. Money Problems A major problem with public school is lack of funding, and it seems as if nobody follows the money once it gets to the school. The students and staff both suffer from the lack of money in schools. I attended a really poor middle school named Bishop-Spaugh Middle School. In middle school, students were almost never assigned any homework because students didn’t have any books. Teachers at this school also were compelled to buy many essential items such as paper, markers, and erasers because the school didn’t have enough money to provide the supplies to them. Money inside of schools isn’t being handled correctly. In the movie The Cartel, $1 billion was given to a construction company to build and improve schools. However, a couple of years passed and the company never built a single structure and the money was gone. Nobody knew where the money disappeared to (Ventures). The same people in charge when the money disappeared stayed in charge for a very long time. Because of the lack of money, schools we... ... middle of paper ... ... to changes to the current United States public schools. However, the people in charge of making the changes are the ones who profit and will probably never change their mindset. The school system needs to be changed entirely, but solutions to this problem simply aren’t out there. Experimentation needs to be done in certain school systems to determine the most successful method. Until then, the United States of America will continue to support a failing school system and will continue to produce uneducated adults. Works Cited "Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Salaries." Rhino Times, 06 July 2006. Web. 11 Sept. 2013. NC Department of Public Instruction. “Bachelor’s Degree Certified Teacher Salary Schedule.” 2013-2014 Salary Schedules. Web. 29 Oct. 2013. Ventures, Gravitas. The Cartel. Movie. YouTube. YouTube, August 1 2012. Web. September 11 2013.
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