Persuasive Essay On School Funding

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Proper school funding is one of the keys to having a successful school. Americans believe that funding is the biggest problem in public schools. School improvements revolve around funding. There needs to be funding not only in the successful schools but also the schools that aren’t doing as well. In documentary, Waiting for Superman, it talks about how smaller class sizes will help students. Funding is what will help the smaller class sizes. State funding mechanisms are subject to intense political and economic scrutiny (Leonard). Studies have shown that funding is inversely related to accreditation levels (Leonard). School funding needs to be increased, but there must be accountability as well.

School funding has always been a debatable topic. Although school funding needs to be increased, there is no proof of academic achievement (Hanushek). Academic researchers have sought to answer the questions of whether education expenditures are correlated with student performance(Hanushek). Hanushek has found that there is no proof of academic achievement towards funding the schools(Hanushek). It depends on how the money is spent, not on how much money is spent(Hanushek). “ There are so many areas of education that require money(Shanker).” When you are able to reduce the size of a classroom you allow the teacher the opportunity to give additional help by spending more time with each individual student(Shanker). Also, higher teacher salaries are very important when it comes to having the best teachers(Shanker). Studies show that raising the city’s basic per-pupil allocation from $9,306 to $11,608 will provide better technology and better teachers(Brown). Smaller classroom size and better teachers have a positive effect ...

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...funding(“Should”). Others think that the funding should go to the schools with lower academically achieving students (“Should”). Funding could also vary by state because each state has it’s own issues (“Should”).

Having reviewed the facts from both sides, those who are for additional funding for education and those who are against, there is truth to both sides. Additional funding, as long as there is strict accountability, will help all students from various economic backgrounds to have an opportunity to receive the very best education. The challenge at hand is for politicians, educators, and families to determine a fair and balanced approach to implementing measures of accountability. Overall, the poor academic achieving students do need funding just as much as anybody. School funding needs to be increased, but there needs to be accountability as well.
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