Socrates: A Great Philosopher

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Socrates was a philosopher who taught many young minds. Socrates even taught Plato another great philosopher. This great philosopher lived in the fifth century B.C. Socrates was wrongly accused and sentenced to death, but his knowledge lives on. Socrates was born around 470 B.C. Socrates was born into a poor family. Socrates was born in a village on the side of Mount Lycabettus. His father was a sculptor who was excellent at his job. When he was old enough his father taught him how to be sculptor but his creations always came out less than acceptable in the eyes of the clients. His mother was a mid wife. She helped deliver a lot of the children in Athens. In Athens it was common for young men like Socrates to have an elementary level education. After this education it has been shown that he was the pupil of the philosopher before him Archelaus. Before he became a philosopher he was a scientist. Socrates didn’t find what he was looking for as a scientist so he went on to be a philosopher hoping that he would fulfill the urge to answer mind boggling questions (Carr 1).

Socrates taught the great philosopher Plato (Cavendish 587). When Plato was old enough and had learned all that could be taught at the time he began teaching with Socrates. After teaching with Socrates Plato left and went his own way. When Plato left he began to write about many different subjects and one was Socrates and his adventures through knowledge with the great Socrates began teaching in large classes. Socrates taught like this so that people could talk amongst themselves and disgust the answer or answers to the questions that he asked. Socrates never charged money for his teachings (Carr 1). Around his forties he began to think about the world around hi...

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...let go. That was the end of the great Socrates.

Socrates was the first of the three greatest philosophers in the world. He may be dead but his knowledge will never be forgotten. We use what he learned every day in everything we do especially English. Without Socrates the world may be completely different.

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