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Sociology is distinguished by the study of sociology theories, which play a significant key role in enabling us to analyze different societies. Sociology theories give us different outlooks different perspectives within factors of different societies that can be analyzed. This will make it easier for someone to understand and predict social behavior and happenings within societies that offer great importance to our generation. This author will focus on sociologist concepts that are related to the videos for our assignments and factors that have been put into consideration including: aging, discrimination and social theories with an increase in the size of the older population in relation to the younger generation. These videos in relating to aging, discrimination and social satisfaction I am going to analyze the findings that were a result in which will give an analytical detail of aging.
Aging refers to a biological process that results in changes within our bodies and based on a sociological perspective, aging will have a huge, implication on how the older generation is treated by our current society. The video of facing aging is an example of what our older population can offer society based on their past experiences and their way of thinking. Acknowledgement can be categorized into a specific selection of the older population and they have indicated what the older adults can offer (Giddens & Birdsall 2001).
Social lamination refers to the process of arranging societies into groups from one of the videos, an older adult bike programs have been initiated within the social unit that was being presented in the video. Adults are seen on three-wheeled bicycles and most of them are joyous with what they are doing based on how they r...

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...y viewed as a different group of people competing for power. It’s characterized by certain structures which can vary from one society to the next three disarray inequalities. The videos disagreements in relations to different facts those are evident. Karl Marx is a prime example of a pioneer behind the conflict perspective theory. His concept relates to our country in that it is distinguished by capitalism. Their existing income is imbalanced and the struggle for resources is evident.
Sociology is exemplified by the study of a society or societies. Society is shaped by set of tradition that will shaped the behavior people by an assortment of rules that govern individuals within a certain society in their daily transactions and interactions. After watching and analyzing these videos and concept, this has given me a greater insight on what can be taught and learned.
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